Is the glass half full or half empty…?

Right so I’m now half through this master I’m doing or more likely almost finished and yet soooo far from the final result. I still need to do this thesis. Now this may sound fairly straight forward and one would very much think that is the case, only I cannot help feeling a little like Sisyphus must have felt pushing that stone up the hill. The bloody thing keeps rolling down over and over and it seems as if I am getting nowhere at all (wallowing in self pity is probably not the answer to this at all it’s just so easy). This “getting nowhere” may be due to way too much ‘Friends watching’ and waaay too little reading and I’m therefore attempting to turn this around. Sometimes you just have to reach rock-bottom before you can push the stone back up the hill (or whatever it was them Greek dudes said).

I’m thinking now that maybe I should have chosen something about branding or cultural marketing or something with cultural economics… Something where there would be a lot of reading and figures and statistics and straight forward answers. Maybe there never is a straight forward answer and maybe I should just get over myself and get on with it. See I have chosen to do my thesis on photography and social networking, more specifically on iPhone App’s such as Instagram or Hipstamatic that are themselves photographic social networking. As most ideas before they become something else, before they transform into something one can actually grasp, it is a good idea…  But it is still only that. Now the outcome obviously depends on what I do with it. To elaborate, what I was thinking was throughout October and November to get in there and do a lot of Instagramming’, do different themes of pictures every week and in that way try to get to know this social network better, try to understand which pictures people like and enjoy the most and why.

To throw some theory in there with the pictures I have until now been looking (not enough) at Liz Well’s Understanding Photography and so far I gather (maybe this is obvious too) that depending on the theorist the ways in which they look at photographs are very different. I could probably do this thesis with focus on just one thinker say Susan Sontag for example, but I’m feeling that the whole discussion would then just be limited to her ideas. For this to be interesting, I’m thinking there should be a discussion about the different ways we use photographs and why. Especially in these new photographic social networks. It may not be groundbreaking news and breathtaking new ideas but hopefully it will incite discussions, conversations and maybe, hopefully, give a better understanding of these networks and why they are not a complete waste of time… Maybe it will turn out that they are, but then hopefully there will still be an explanation to why.

Now because this project is about social networking I feel it would be stupid not to blog along about it in the same time. I will therefore try to post regular blogs about the advancement of the project. The pictures will be here on the blog, on a specially created Tumblr, on Instagram and hey let’s throw in Facebook and Twitter as we go along. I’ll probably try to alternate though, let’s not be too crazy and spammy’. Any comments, thoughts, critiques or useful links are more than welcome. On Instagram I am ‘myellafyrstenberg’ and I’ll post the Tumblr link shortly.

Because it is such a nice and sunny day I think the first theme should be lights…

Stay tuned for more and thanks’ for stopping by!


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