The Death Of Cyberspace

Right so after the last post let me try to confront the problem in a less, say, agressive manner. Also I am home alone with one flatmate (who’s playing some sort of online football tactic game… not really my place) a gin tonic and waay too many home rolled cigarettes (and it’s friday night… no judgement). So feel like I should do something else than watching series. Let’s start here: We all know that moment, when we log on to the blue and white screen, hoping to see a little red square above the globe or the little letter, maybe even a red icon above the little icon of a person, someone new might be interested in befriending us. We scroll down to see what up’, we like “j’aime”, we comment or we get pissed off by some council man from Poland posting inappropriate “Denmark’s killing whales posts”. We hear that little specific sound, two notes, alarming us to someone trying to get in contact with us and we decide whether we are just ignoring it or in the mood to respond… We all know what I am reffering to. We have our mail open, just in case, or you mac people get notifications whenever new post has arrived. Our phone is next to us, and (if you are someone like me who always has it on silent) at the slightest vibration we think someone might have hit the send button to great us with a message (cause yes yes Turkle you are right no one ever call us anymore… Or maybe I’m just not worth calling… Frightening thought). We always have our phones charged cause god forbit we should run out of battery, not so much cause of the calls (since there are none) but for, say, Google maps, you’re meeting someone, you want to google something, call a cab, use Hungry House to order food… Let’s just say our phones are never off, and I admit having said “I feel like something’s missing when I go out without my iPhone”. Yes yes Turkle maybe we are addicted to technology (and no I am not forgetting all of you out there who don’t have either iPhones or Blackberry’s I know you still exist!!) but maybe we are also considered human beings who know when to turn it off… I know my flatmate is right when he says some people are maniacs when it comes to social networks and being connected all the time, but I also know as he said so himself that when he goes off to the country to see his family there is no cell reception or web connection so he is off line and he likes it. Maybe Kevin Kelly who says he is in love with the web itself shouldn’t be taken that seriously… Maybe and even if his love for the web has become something both erotic and idealistic, maybe we are not all masturbating to the idea of our internet connection and all the beautiful possibilities the web can offer today… And imagine if we were, well maybe not masturbating but loving the internet, would that be so bad…? It seems Clay Shirky is onto something with all his different examples of how we can use this interconnectedness for something besides sharing jokes or tweeting pictures of our latest dinner. And as I said in that last post… The whole idea of us living two separate lives, one off line and one online… Well it is just ridiculous! Yes maybe there are people getting sucked into cyberspace but hasn’t there always been people who had problems…? I said it before… The off and the on’s are inseperable, let’s face it I usually use FB for posting weird shit to my flatmates, or to arrange a library meeting or to catch up with people from Denmark or Paris, it may not be super exciting but that’s just how it is. You check events, you ckeck out a new band you check out this restaurant someone went to that looked cool. I wonder if one were to count the number of times a person created a second life on FB with a fake identity and a more appealing personality and the number of times people like you and me use FB as an extension of our everyday life (thank you McLuhan), which one would be the most common… I’m guessing the last one would be of a lot higher amount than the first one. No I don’t have any statistics and no I’m probably not qualified to have an opinion, but isn’t this almost just common knowledge… So voila, that was an attempt to say it differently, should now go and get my flatmate off his second life as a football manager… He might get sucked in…


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