This is my blog and my little free space. It’s a blog about everything and nothing, about ideas and about having none. Unnecessary to throw in labels of any kind, in this space I like to say all is permitted. I would love to turn it into a black rabbit hole where one could fall into another world of Tim Burtonesque’ weirdness and colors with strange animals and treasures and hatters, but I haven’t been able to find that feature in my “widgets” yet. So until I figure it out I will make room for a little poetry and a couple of images.

Quand on parle trois langues, et nullement jusqu’à la perfection, il est difficile de choisir laquelle utiliser, ce blog serais pour cela un mélange entre le français, l’anglais et le danois, disons celles qui fonctionnent le mieux…

Det er svært når man taler tre sprog godt men ikke perfekt at bestemme sig for hvilket et at bruge… Derfor bliver denne blog et lille mix mellem dansk, fransk og engelsk! Lidt af ingenting og det hele på een gang.


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