Right so all jokes aside, this next post might be a tat serious… I don’t really know how to start so I’m just gonna go with it and see where it goes… For a few nights now, before I go to sleep I have had these thoughts, a little hard to place they are, where is Yoda when you need him to advice you on your life and beliefs…? Then I went, with my flatmates, to see Immortals (only cause it was free) and really don’t bother it is not very good. Cool effects but not really any storyline, just men fighting in togas (at least there was something fun to look at and I had Kitkat, so that kept me busy). That film sort of enhanced these ideas that have been roaming around in my head. If I may just say, I am not in any way trying to be cynical in this post, this is the purest honesty (pure as a young virgin). What I was thinking was, what if it is possible to become so cynical or loose faith so much that you chuck your feelings so far away that you just don’t feel anything anymore. Why does Immortals has anything to do with this, well cause I was sitting there watching all these highly violent fight scenes and obviously I felt nothing. Okay maybe Immortals is not the best example cause I was also busy eating Kitkat and it was just an action movie. I could now take this in a direction where I discuss how, because of the amount of violence and suffering on TV, we have become immune to the pain and suffering we daily see everywhere around us. I’m not quite gonna, though one could keep that idea in mind. My point is, how can we be sure what we feel is real? See it’s not actually about having had so many bad experiences that you chuck your feelings away it is more, how do we know these feelings are not just drama we create for ourselves to ‘feel’ we have a more interesting life? If, say, I’m sad about a boy then I know I’m sad, but sometimes I wonder if that sadness is just something I do to have something to obsess about, something to spend my time on… Or I had a conversation with a friend in Paris a while ago (over cheap happy hour red wine and no peanuts) about the way it is more interesting when something with the other sex is on that when nothing’s on… This may seem logic but I don’t think men really bother about this, if nothing’s going on then nothing’s going on, they have a wank (as my flatmates, boys, say) and they play X-box rugby or drink beer. I am considering if this is just about us being lonely sad pathetic girls, but I’m not sure loneliness is the reason. It’s not so much about the being lonely it’s more just about keeping your mind busy… But doesn’t work and career suffice to do that… yeah everyone knows the answer to that.. It is a logic fact that girls like to obsess about boys, the more stupid the boy the more fun the obsession. The thing is just right, what if all this is just scam… Obviously not for everyone. But what if when we are sad or pissed off or hysterical about someone, maybe it is just to keep our minds busy. Cause if we feel something at least we don’t feel nothing, only the something we think we feel might actually be nothing because it is just something we use to keep our minds busy.. Maybe I’m just a sociopath inept of compassion and as a result of this post I’m gonna go kill and chop up my flatmates and serve them as a nice roast for a christmas dinner… Maybe I’m just tired of them not cleaning… But how can we actually be sure what we feel is real. Because we feel the pain or the disappointment, well maybe that is just us playing out drama…? I don’t know if this makes any sense or if I’m just rambling, maybe the dark side is just strong in me. I shall ponder this, and as Yoda would have said it, train now, eat later… Sur ce…


To send or not to send…

I spoke to my brother yesterday who had a pretty strong opinion about how these last posts where all about the same thing… At that point I had already written this one and so I’ll put this one up and then I’ll stop… It wasn’t actually me; it just sort of had a life on its own… Open the ‘relationship men women’ bag and the avalanche comes rolling down, getting bigger and bigger for every time. But I should try and tone it down a notch.  Oh and please note that the rainbow photograph isn’t mine, you can see the mouse in down right corner… The proper photograph is from here

So after ending that last post I still felt like the subject hadn’t exactly been exhausted fully. I was, then, considering the relationship between men and women and, let’s face it, probably stereotyping a lot, but why stop there? … Men and women is just the cliché example and this was where I started thinking about some of my other friends. I have a few male friends with a different but similar point of view and I think they’d also like to have a say in this. Also another question arising in all this… How long into a relationship does one have to be for it to be okay to write the other person’s name on one’s belly and sending the picture in an MMS? Please dear god let it at least be someone with a nice six-packed belly and not just writing on a love handle!! I know that I might be going a tat too fast so I will try to slow it down. I have a very good friend with whom I share a lot of intimate details, especially the crude ones, cause they’re always the best! We are in many ways very similar, both single, both very liberal and both very picky. We are also both trying to find our way to somewhere in whichever way possible and maybe we are both slightly neurotic. My friend was until quite recently only dating women that is until he came toLondon. Then something shifted and he found himself suddenly being very open to all kinds of different things, more specifically men. I don’t exactly know where it started and how, probably with a shy kiss in a dark corner of a club somewhere but pretty soon well the last thing he told me was that he met a guy that wrote his name on his belly (this well evidently after several times of pass 21 behaviour), took a picture of it and send it to him (he must really like him). Still haven’t seen that picture but my god I hope it’s good! Now when one of my other friends met this friend, the first question he asked me, after my friend in question left, was “is he straight or is he gay?”… I don’t know why but the more I’m considering this, the more that question bothers me. I realize or assume that gay people (not really into the generalizing thing so please correct me if I’m wrong) like straight people usually know that they are gay pretty early on. Like straight people know they are straight. Sometimes maybe admitting it to ones surroundings can be hard but it is something one knows. If you’re not straight you’re gay or you’re bi but do all these labels really matter? I have another friend who rarely tells us about his relationships and who refuses to decide whether straight gay or bi for that matter. And why is it necessary that he does. That my friend asked me that question about my friend; “is he straight or gay” obligated me to pick a flavour, “strawberry, chocolate or vanilla?”, so I shrugged and said “pistachio” (come to think of it I should eat more pistachio ice cream, the forgotten flavour). Is it us that designates the labels or are we being designated by them? Does the fact that I respond “gay”, “straight” or “bi” mean that I thus put my friend in a certain category? I didn’t want to give him a label so I said “neither” (of the three) and vaguely explained that he is just open-minded. But I still felt my (very straight… no judgement) friend wasn’t satisfied with my answer. In a world where everything is changing at light speed is it still necessary to label people (I did label my bike “Ella is cool” but that’s just cool so it doesn’t count)? Do we need these labels for some kind of systematization or isn’t that just being narrow-minded? I’m not saying my friend who asked me that is in any way narrow-minded but isn’t it interesting that we really like putting people in boxes…? Maybe I’m overreacting; maybe the moral of the story should just be… Chocolate, strawberry or pistachio, hey let’s throw cookie dough in there for the fun, they’re all damn good. Maybe the worst part of this is still how we continually judge ourselves. Could it be that we are ourselves afraid to choose a flavour because that would mean we limit ourselves to just that? I know that to my friend this is all new, unknown territory, terra incognita, and that can obviously be incredibly scary, it has to be I think. And this is partly because no matter which flavour he chooses he is afraid of what some people might think.  That some people might not like strawberry or chocolate… Maybe he is gay he told me the other day, maybe he is just afraid of admitting to himself, afraid of what his parents might say or the friends he see every week but who has no clue about who he really is. True some people might judge, that is even almost a given. The worst judge is however still him towards himself. If we never learn to accept ourselves for what we are (sorry if this is cliché and cheesy) it being fat, skinny, ginger, black, white, to small or to tall, gay, straight or bi… If we never learn to do that then how can we accept others?

So maybe we (men, women, dogs, penguins) should try and learn to be just a little less judgmental towards mostly ourselves and we could all have a little ice cream… I’m gonna say mint and vanilla… Any takers? Oh and to that let me just add; if there are no love handles involved (and even though I was slightly judging the name writing which might be a tat over the top) a cute guy sends you a picture of his six pack you take it… No, sorry, I can’t end it like that, it is just too much. Don’t send pictures of your tummy, don’t!!

Choice of choice

Okay so after that last post I started thinking about that whole who has the power thing… See who decides who is in charge… Between men and women I mean not between us and penguins even though that could easily have been the case (maybe there is actually something there for another post…). We like to think we live in a society where women turn into power women, alpha bitches (bitch in the original etymological sense of the word) and cold blooded 10″ heels, leather skirt wearing business wo’men’… (Maybe the leather skirt is over the top but you get the picture) Men on the other hand are allowed and even praised for having a more feminine side, they do yoga, they are aware of how they dress, they take paternity leave, they buy skin care and a man who can’t cook today isn’t a man! Everything is supposedly more equal but just to which extent does that argument holds… Take a common example… Boy and girl meet in bar, they decide to go for a (cheap of course) beer. The week after they do and she takes him home for a night cap aka – well we all know what that means… The guy leaves afterwards because he has an early meeting or whatever and everyone are happy. In this case… Who picked up who…? And who decides? Let’s say the woman already knew she was gonna sleep with the guy; she will therefore state it was her idea. Now this is where it gets interesting because I was gonna write, the guy thinks the same thing only I just realized maybe, probably, even most certainly the guy doesn’t care… Women spend so much time analysing this and that and how and why when the guy will probably go home, be happy he got laid and have a big breakfast the day after (with bacon cause boys eat bacon). He’ll either think it’s hot it was the woman who took charge or he’ll feel like a stud because it was so easy and well because he’s a man… He’ll probably feel both, but he will certainly not think about it anymore than that, oh except for when he tells his friends (wait am I stereotyping too much I can’t decide). Funny cause this was not where I was actually going with this post, and I think the moral of the story just shifted. I’m probably putting things on a stick again, let’s be fair if it is a one night stand then even women wouldn’t analyze because there would obviously be nothing to analyze on… What I was wondering though was… How fine are we actually with the whole women having sex like men thing? Not towards people in our surroundings but to ourselves? (The two of them probably go together… If we judge ourselves we will feel judged by everyone else even if that is not the case) Do we judge ourselves as sluts or are we capable of being just as free and open minded as men? I want to say yes, yes of course we are, and I think that we really are; only I also think it is intriguing to which extent that will be what we think… Are we done judging ourselves or does it still sometimes creep in…? And do we care if other people do judge, cause they do. Maybe that is something we can never really escape caring about. I was obviously writing this from a woman’s point of view and funnily enough before I had shared the idea of this post with anyone else I had a very similar conversation with a friend, a guy who in many ways reminds me of myself. He suggested that men who sleep around will just automatically be written of as twats with no feelings… I can’t decide, maybe we judge them not to judge ourselves…? This is of course strictly one night stand speaking, cause if we drag the whole relationship business into this discussion it becomes way bigger. Maybe it’s easier to blaim the man cause it will make the women look better… Or maybe all that mars venus stuff is just a load of crap. That is actually pretty much a certainty.

Maybe it is not so important to decide who decides who has the power. Maybe the important thing is just to get behind the choices we choose. Not only taking responsibility for our actions but realizing that we always have a choice, not about what we do and how but a choice of choice. The choice of choosing that our choice is our own and that we are behind it. The choice of choosing no judgment, at least not towards ourselves… That is most certainly easier said than done and also everyone wants the power…